February 27, 2013

The Essentials

So I was recently asked what are the absolute essentials that you must have for your runs...I thought it was a really good question and a good topic to discuss while in the midst of my Cap City Half Marathon training. So here are a few of the essentials that I must have on my runs:

EOS Lip Balm
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this lip balm!! I mean I'm a fanatic about it. By far the best lip balm ever made! I always wear this before going out on a run, especially if I'm running outside in this cold weather. I have one of these beauties in each one of my purses, on my desk and by my bed....yes I LOVE it that much!! They are amazing! And not to mention they are 95% organic and 100% natural. My faves are summer fruit and lemon drop, but I'm really enjoying my new raspberry pomegranate...it's delish! Try them if you haven't yet...you won't be disappointed.

I must have gum on a run....keeps my mouth moist while I run. It's a must! My favorite....Stride Spark Orange. I love the fact that it has B vitamins in it....a nice plus! But regardless of what kind of gum it is, I just have to have gum....it's not a good run without it.

I can't do a run without my auditory motivation. I love my music!! I always have my iPod Touch with me and playing my tunes...and with an ADD girl like me it's nice having that musical distraction while I run. One of my favorite spots to get great running tuneage right now is from Rock My Run. They have great DJ mixes of great workout songs. My favorite right now is 80 Reasons to Run and Mash Up My Run. They also have great Christian running mixes by a DJ named Lloyd which I like as well. So if you are looking for great motivating music...check out Rock My Run....they have lots of different genres and great mixes.

Fuel Belt Handheld Water Bottle
I just recently found this water bottle and I'm glad I did! I was looking for a water bottle to conveniently take with me on my long runs. It's not too big and fits nicely in the hand. I was debating between handheld or a fuel belt that wraps around the waist. I think for me this will be better for me and less distracting. I really like it. It also has a zipper pocket to fit an ID, some money and energy gels so it's great. And I found it on a recent trip to TJ Maxx and got it for $ 7.00!! Works great AND a great deal?? Yeah I'll take that!

Mizuno Shoes
I heart my Mizunos!!! Anyone who knows me knows I love these shoes soooo much! My favorites...My Wave Precision 13. The color on the link is not the ones I have are these beautiful pink pair.  I can't say enough about these shoes. When I first got them I swear I heard angels singing...it was that monumental. They are amazing! I also have a pair of the Wave Rider 16 and I like them too now that I finally broke them in....I think I like my Precisions a bit better though. But honestly you can't go wrong with Mizuno. They have this amazing precision fit program you can do on their website that tells you which running shoe is best for you...absolutely amazing! Check them out!

Well that pretty much sums it up. As long as I have these essentials I know it's gonna be a pretty decent run. What do YOU need for a good run?? Have a great day!

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