February 20, 2013

Sometimes you just gotta do it

So this week so far seems to be going a little better. Ended up taking Sunday off and resting one more day and went for my long run on Monday...and I'm glad I did. My foot was still bothering me a little on Sunday, but when I woke up on Monday...no pain. I decided I was going to run as long as my body felt good, despite the fact it should have been my long run. Surprisingly I felt really good and I ended up doing 9 miles. The only part of me that started hurting towards the end of my run were my glutes...I may want to concentrate on those during my cross training sessions. And speaking of cross training, I have really struggled with doing my cross training...I'm just not entirely sure what to do...I know cross training is supposed to help, but the last thing I want to do is do something that will jeopardize my running or make things worse. If you have done any sort of research on running, cross training or preparing for any sort of race, you'll find as many opinions and options as Lindsay Lohan has had altercations with the law. There is just so much...which is right? I think the reason I've really drug my feet on this cross training is for fear of doing something wrong. Well after the miserable runs I had last week I knew I had to do something...even if it was wrong. 

So after some research I've decided to go this route:  Nike Training Club. It has many different types of workouts (including stretching exercises which are wonderful) and it's motivating because you earn badges....and for me motivational items are key...gotta be striving for something :)  So for right now until I find something better that is what I'm going to use. Yesterday I used the Body Flexor workout and I'm definitely feeling it in my arms today...which I'm not surprised since my upper body strength is non existent. It's sad...and push ups are the worst thing known to man!! I hate push ups...but I'm determined to get through at least 10 decent push ups (regular...not the wimpy kind) and do them well. We shall see how that goes. I've got to get my upper body strong so I can accomplish the Indian Mud Run in June. There is a bit of climbing on these obstacles so I'm bound determined to do it well.  I'm going to be going to my first Indian Mud Run meeting tonight so we'll see how that goes. I'm hoping to get involved with cleaning and helping with the course...I love that trail and anything I can do to keep it nice or make it better I'm all for.

Well time get moving...got some errands to run and have to fit in a 4+ mile run in somewhere today as well...though with this cold snap we are experiencing, I have a feeling I'm going to be seeing the Kids America track real soon. It's gonna be another busy one! Have a great day!

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