February 15, 2013

In the thick of it

Sorry been away for a bit...life gets busy you know...

So training is going...it's been kind of a rough week this week. Rough just trying to fit in the time to get my training in and then doing it. Did my long run this past Sunday, 9.53 miles....and though I usually dread the "long run" this one was actually really good and if it wasn't for the fact that I needed to get home I might have gone longer. Learning to refuel is something I'm trying to figure out. Took some Gatorage energy chews with me (by the way it's not something I would want to take all the time) they are OK, kind of like gummies, but after running 7 miles and having a dry mouth it just wasn't the most pleasant thing. Need to invest in a portable water system to take on my long runs...just haven't found that right thing yet....need to work on that. But yes, my long run this past Sunday was great...good thing because my shorter runs this week were horrible!! I ran on Tuesday...outside...which is always a good thing, but I had very low energy and my legs felt like they were in concrete boots. Horrible...and my left calf would start cramping...overall, one of the worst runs I've had in a while. Decided to rest Wednesday and went out yesterday at Kids America...the first mile or two again...legs felt awful. By mile 2.5 I had to take a break because where my leg meets my ankle was hurting terribly and I could tell my form was off making it worse. Decided to walk a couple laps to regroup and then ran the rest of my 4.6 total miles. Second half was better after I regrouped but my left leg and foot are sore today. I think I'm going to take today and tomorrow off and then maybe try to attempt a run on Sunday. It should be my long run, but we will see how that goes. Don't want to push too hard...my next long run I was going to shoot for 10 miles, but may have to hold off on that...we shall see.

So in more running news...I signed up for another run today. If you've heard me talk last summer about the Indian Mud Run that my friends and I would run on last summer, then this is the actual race. The Indian Mud Run is a 3.2 mile race with mud and about 30 obstacles...I debated about doing it, but thought heck I only live once and since I already know the trail pretty well why not. If you sign up by Saturday, February 16th you can get in at last years price of $45.00. I'm kind of excited....nice to have races like this literally in our own backyard, and the best part is the money benefits the Lake Park district, which is where I also do my long runs...so it's a win win!! I'm doing the 8:00 a.m. wave so if anyone would care to join me come along!! I may need someone to point out trees for me...lol!

This week, we celebrated a birthday in our house...my middle baby turned 14 this week. How is this possible!!?!?! He's growing up so fast and he is so smart! So proud of the young man he is becoming.

On other news, I am so excited about tomorrow!! Having a long overdue girls day out with my besties! Heading to Easton to do a little bit of shopping and I've heard there is going to be some cheesecake involved. Can't wait!! I love my boys, but there is something to be said about testosterone free time....did I say I was excited?? Is it Saturday yet??

Well I've got things to get ready before tomorrow, so I better go for know. Here's hoping that next weeks running training goes better.

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