September 30, 2008

Praise God from whom all blessings flow...

All I can say is that God is many of you know, September is a busy month for me as I prepare for our County Fair...Well...hard work and God's gifts He bestowed on me paid off...Here is my scrapbooking display:

And I got 1st place and Best In Show...shocked...yes I'm often as I've tried and always failing short, but this year I guess was my year...woohoo! I also got

a ribbon for 2 of my afghans (3rd places), my crocheted pumpkins (2nd place), and A first place for my black & white flower photo, 2nd for my black and white Fair photo, and 3rd for my black and white General Pictorial photo. Very happy and just glad that I made enough again off my ribbons to pay for my fair pass...which is what I strive for anyway...especially since the price of tickets went up this year.
On another note, going to be trying to do the "Week In Your Life" Challenge that Ali Edwards is putting on this week...I've taken a few photos, not sure what else I'm going to do yet, but hey I've got good intentions. If you want more info on the challenge see Ali's blog here.
Hope you are having a good week...and wow this is the last day of September?!?!? Where did that go??? Have a super October!

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