September 16, 2008

Blow wind blow...

So today was spent taking care of or helping others with the HUGE windstorm we had here last night...and let me tell you if it was anything like they had in Texas...God bless them because this windstorm was the worst I'd ever expereinced...though fun to watch though...I know...I'm strange...but I honestly was out in it and just in awe of the power of the's amazing how God can just cause a gentle breeze or a 75 + mph wind. Trees were of course down everywhere...shingles blown off some houses...some cars smashed by this one that was smashed only three houses down from us... but luckily we were OK...many places in town received worse damage...the Wendy's sign got shattered, a gas station's roof blew off almost...lots of fact the boys didn't have school today and may not have it tomorrow because the area where the school is still has no electricity...luckily we have been OK in the electricity dept. too. Our old neighbors were with us a good portion of hte day because they had no electric. So exciting night to say the least.

Hubby is feeling better, thanks for your prayers...just pray that he would take better care of himself...he attempted to walk to the post office yesterday (almost a mile from our house) and today he mowed the lawn. He's not a very good patient. Needless to say I've been a bit upset with him.

Well hope you are having a good week...another busy one here...always busy ;-)

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