September 13, 2008

New FS Challenge and continue to pray please!

We got back into the swing of things over at Faith Sisters and we have a new challenge this if you're into scrapping and want a challenge check it out! Here is my layout for this week:

Also I ask that you continue to pray for my hubby...he's in a lot of pain and we had to go back to the chiropractor today...he goes in Monday for another appt. and possible MRI to see if maybe he ruptured or herniated a disc. Praying it's not that...he has to take Monday off and he may possibly be off for more depending on the verdict of the MRI...though he has sick leave built up...not really wanting to do that....hubby is not a good patient if you know what I mean. Please pray that it's just strained or something minor like that and not something he's going to have to deal with for the rest of his life....BTW...finally found out why he hurt his back...guess he jumped off the wall behind the boy's school...It's pretty high...not quite a story high but close...go figure! Spring chicken he is not and I think he's finally figured that out the hard way. Thanks for your prayers.

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