October 7, 2008

And so...

I feel like I've been a very bad blogger lately...been thinking a lot this past week as to how busy life seems at the moment and how much I long to be bored...I would love me a bit of boredom at the moment. Now that the fair is over I was really hoping for a little repreave, but nope...not happening...nothin' doin'...so here I am plugging on and taking just a few moments to take a small break and update on life and how things have been going lately...

Lead the Singspiration at church Sunday night...honestly I do not like being up front in front of people and speaking...in fact I pretty much hate it...I don't consider myself a limelight person, but God for some reason keeps putting me in that position...the Singspiration went very well and I was truly blessed.

Listed about 17 auctions on eBay last night....if you are interested in any Bare Escentuals makeup or Cabbage Patch dolls...check them out there.

Found Colton's blankie yesterday...WOOO HOOO....was so afraid it was gone forever...I think I was more upset about it than he was...can it be that Colton is getting past the blankie stage?? Though today he has been clinging to it since he's home from school with a cough, but funny thing is I haven't heard him cough since his brothers went to school...hmmm...guess who's going to school tomorrow ;-)

I'm currently enrolled in a scrapbooking class over at Big Picture Scrapbooking called Design Your Life by Cathy Zielske. So far I am truly enjoying class (and if you are interested you can STILL sign up for class until tomorrow)...though I do know a good bit about scrapbooking I feel I learned it kind of backwards and that my design is hit and miss...so thus the reason for this class...hoping to fill in the pieces I may have missed about design along my scrapbooking way...so far I'm enjoying class and learning a lot...though it truly is keeping me quite busy in an already busy schedule.

My house is a terrible mess...enough said about that...

Colton won a cookie bouquet from our Fair today...his name was put in a drawing and they drew his name...he also won a book that co-ordinated with the cookies...we just got done enjoying the book and the cookie...here he is enjoying the cookie.

Well got to go and get ready for my scrapbooking class at church tonight...feel a little off kilter about teaching this class tonight...way too much going on and mind is just not focused on it. Hopefully that will change between now and 6:30 tonight.

Hope you are having a good week.

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Jada's Gigi said...

How busy And how talentd you are..I was reading your fair post. :)