September 10, 2008

Right now...

As much as I hate to be this impersonal with my blog is in overdrive and time is of the essence so here is my life right now....

....Just celebrated my 19th wedding anniversary with my high school sweetheart...hoping to get away this weekend...and thanks to my mom who watched our boys long enough for us to grab some dinner...thanks Mom!

...Finally was able to get back to Wednesday morning Bible Study....nice to get back into that.

...Just sold a bunch of college books on eBay....eBay is keeping me really busy...which honestly is good because I have a couple trips planned I want to go on...maybe West Virginia again to Scrap Camp or maybe a one-day New York City trip....FUN!!!

...My Mom and Dad will be celebrating their Anniversary this Friday...I think it's 42nd?? That still only makes me 29 though ;-)

...Been doing great with my work outs...lost 10 pounds since March and into my size 8's again...woo-hooo!!

...Tired....lots going on and going to bed too late.

...Working two days a week at the school helping Colton's class with AR reading and testing. Those kids are so cute!

...Colton has gotten his card flipped 7 times so far at school (this is the school's discipline)...I think he's trying to beat Austin's record of 8 card flips in the first 9 weeks. Thing is...have you ever met a person who just honestly could NOT help getting into trouble?? That's my Colton...he tries so hard to be funny. He got his card flipped last week for putting crayons on his head and ears. This week it was for putting his scissors in his mouth...I think the principal and I are going to be on a first name basis soon :-) Just kidding.

...Brennan is on an AG day field trip today learning about Agriculture.

...There is a new Faith Sisters challenge up today.....go check it out here. Just got my page done in the nick of time.

...Probably going to dinner at the girlfriends house tonight...yeah!

...well more later...gotta run! Have a super week!

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