October 5, 2007

Week of Fair = Mr. Morning Challenge

Check out this site. Mr. Morning Challenge has left the Edwards household and came to stay at mine this morning....Let's just say that I'm so glad for the fair to be over...though I like the fair and enjoy the sites and some of the food (which this year for some reason I couldn't handle so well)...let's just say that a week of fair = a case of the grumpies...not so much me, but for the boys! Wowzers...they didn't want to get up and moving this morning...I got grumpy attitude from the middle one and the youngest just drug his feet and grumped. Of course we stayed out a little later than we should of watching the Rough Truck contest...Brennan especially and I get such a kick out of it. I was wanting to watch my old boss race...which he when I left was in third place and 1st in the long jump, but we really were out a bit late, so I took the grumpies in stride and just went with it.

Today was catch up day...Needed to go grocery shopping, get fingerprinted so I can volunteer at th boys school, sort or straighten up the house. I have some things I could probably work on for the Faith Sisters site. I just finished this layout and uplaoded it to the Faith Sisters site of my BFF Michelle...totally makes me laugh.

I may be going here tomorrow with my neighbor friends...I've always wanted to go...hopefully will get a chance if I can get my house in some sort of order so my father in law won't think I brought the pig pen from the fair to my house :-) !!!

Right now the boys are watching Davey & Goliath....remember that show (for those who remember the 60's and 70's). Found it on Netflix and ordered them for the boys to watch...I always loved watching Davey & Goliath as a kid on Sunday mornings. Such fun!

Well I think for now I'm going to try to get some stuff done and enjoy some Davey and Goliath with the boys.


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