October 23, 2007

It's cold and it's raining...

So far not a very productive day....it's cold...it's raining...I'm tired. Just not interested in doing a whole lot...not good when I have a week where my plate seems full. Need to finish Austin's room this week. Got the border taped off to paint last night, but though I love painting...I'm tired of painting right now ;-) Maybe later. His carpet comes in sometime next week...so I really need to get done. Still need to paint the border area...apply the border and paint the trim. YIKES!

Hubby spent part of the afternoon tearing out my kitchen...stove is gone...cooktop is gone...need to find a place for all my stuff in my cupboards....I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed...I don't mind a little mess in my house, but a huge mess is a totally different story...though I know it will be wonderful once it is done, it's the process of getting there that bugs me. I just wish we could have waited until after the holidays, but beggars can't be choosers.

Well I need to go fix some dinner and have to go to church tonight. My prayers go out to those in CA that are battling those fires...wish I could send my rain your way!

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