October 9, 2007


Had a chance to talk to these sweet ladies tonight...They are the owners of the Faith Sisters site. Also got to talk with a few others that make up the Faith Sisters creative team...they just sound so amazing and I am so super excited to be working along side of them. So many ideas they have...not sure I can share so I won't, but their site is wonderful...if you are a scrapper (and even if you are not) please, go check the site out! This website is such an answer to prayer for me...I've been looking for such a place as this and God is so good! I feel like God is opening doors for me right now...I'm so amazed and can't wait to see what He has in store.

Onto other things....I just got the CD for this group today...now I don't usually like country music, but this group is what I would consider pop country so I give it the OK ;-) If you like Rascall Flatts...you'll love these guys...they are like Rascall Flatts with Jesus ;-) Very good and right now on their website they are selling their CDs 2 for $ 15.00....great deal for some good music!
As far as the homefront...well I'm starting to remodel Austin's room...tried taking the border off on his room...not fun or pretty...it's pretty much stuck fast since it was more or less double glued on there, so I think we are just going to paint over it and put the new border over the old...at least that is what we are thinking at this moment. Austin is VERY excited and very persistent in wanting his new room so hoping to get that done in the next few weeks. Counter top should be in soon. We are going tomorrow to talk to a guy about refinishing our cupboard doors. I will (unfortunately) have to strip the outer part of the cupboards myself...can we all say YUK!!! Not looking forward to that...why can't I just blink and it all be finished {grin}.
Oh, did I tell you I ended up getting second place for my scrapbooks at the fair??? I was so excited and surprised....God is good!
Well I'm kinda getting a headache and I haven't been to bed before midnight for days so I think I may just try and go to bed at a somewhat decent time tonight.
Hope you are having a good week!


Jada's Gigi said...

so glad you are getting connected with the Faith Sisters! what an opportunity! 2nd place in the scrapbooks at the fair!! Yay!

Wish I could blink and have my house done over too! WE need to see some before and after pics!

Michelle McVaney said...

Oh my goodness tammy you must come to Parkersburg! 33 Miles is going to be at our church nov 18! FREE CONCERT!!!!

Come scrap at the studio and go to the concert with me!