July 10, 2007

Things that are making me happy...

Just some more randomness...just some things that are really making me happy right now:

Music by this guy...loving it bunches!! Love the song Awesome Is The Lord...so cool...and so many other awesome songs!

Having chipotle chicken made by this wonderful friend....she makes the best....nice and spicy!:

Loving the Psalms right now...still doing the reading my Bible in a year thing...read my fav. psalm last night...Psalm 139.
Going to the library...summer reading program for the kids...nice to see them read instead of playing video games all summer.
Going here...granted I worked there for 14 years, but I still love it. Miss the people I worked with. It was funny today...there were several people saying Hi to me and Austin says..."you sure do know a lot of people here...so how do they know you??" (Granted I guess because I'm a mom and stay at home, I must not know anyone...let alone anyone who is above the age of 10)...it's funny how many people you know when you work there for 14 years ;-) Made me laugh.
Hubby lost his glasses again...why does this make me happy?? Funny how I lose stuff and I get told about it, yet he loses his glasses every other day it seems anymore and it's "funny"...does make me laugh.
Well enough random happiness for now...got to go fix dinner...happy Tuesday!

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Jada's Gigi said...

You do sound happy..:)
I have that CD..awesome!