July 8, 2007

Bits of Randomness...

Sorry been away again...been keeping busy. Just a bit of randomness...going to try to get a decen night's sleep...got to start getting up early again because I signed Brennan up for a Art, History and Literacy program here in town and he has to be on the bus at 8:30 a.m. It goes four days a week for the next three weeks with an art show for the public at the end of the month. I'm hoping he enjoys it and it helps him.

Austin also is in an Art program which he also starts tomorrow, but his is only once a week for the next 6 weeks. I know he's going to enjoy that...he's my artsy one. He's excited.

Here are a few pics from the 4th:

Been indulgingly working on a scrapbooking project the last few days...I bought a kit

from this girl here...I wanted a kit that would break me out of my boring scrapbooking rut and I thought this kit would be just the thing...So I bought the kit with very little info and pretty much went out of my comfort zone and decided to just do it. I just received it this week and I'll be honest I was sort of disappointed at first for what I paid and what I received...but then after I received her instructions and really started to get into it...this is easily becoming one of my favorite albums and I am so enjoying the process. It is truly stretching my scrapbooking limits...I have had several moments while making this album where I've said to myself, "Now I never thought of doing it this way...or Wow...that's a neat idea why didn't I think of that?" I think sometimes when you do something you tend to follow what everyone else does and just not push the envelope. My envelope has been pushed this week...apparently by the dark circles under my eyes as well staying up WAY to late enjoying this whole thing...tomorrow is house cleaning cause my house is a wreck!!! ;-) I've been a bad girl ;-)

Saw Ratatouille yesterday...cute movie...boys liked it. Hubby even got to go and he even suggested taking the boys to go see it...good times!

Well I really am tired...no nap today and I have to get up early remember??



Yellow Fence said...

Love the pictures from the 4th.


Jada's Gigi said...

hey girl, been wondering what you were up to...shhh summer and play time..:) love the pics! sparklers!