July 16, 2007

New meaning to "stone washed"???

So hoping everyone enjoyed their weekend...our church had a family weekend this past weekend with a picnic at Brown's Farm on Saturday...lots of fun and good food of course. Here are some highlights of the evening:

The weather was perfect...and unfortunately the pictures I got of the sunset doesn't do it nearly even enough justice...it was beautiful...I had the opportunity to just sit and take pictures of the sunset and just thank God for his amazing beauty...it's beautiful things like a sunset that makes me wonder how anyone can question that there is a God....amazing!

So as you can see from this picture...or maybe not...my sons spent the last bit of their evening at the picnic picking up rocks and stuffing them in their pockets...I had to laugh because as a kid I was the one picking up rocks for my "rock collection" (forgive me mom)...These boys had enough rocks between the three of them they could have built a fort...ok...maybe not quite, but you get the idea...needless to say I made them pick only three rocks each and that's what they got to bring home. Needless to say...despite my best efforts while doing laundry today, I still found a few rocks in my washer...guess that gives new meaning to stonewashing, huh?? Just had to share that.

Starting a diet this week...hoping to lose 20 pounds. We'll see...it's a new diet based on the Bible...so far today has been OK...again we shall see.

Hope you are haviing a great week...

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