January 19, 2007

Tag I'm It...Six Weird Things About Me...Plus a Layout To Share

(THE RULES: Each player of this game starts with the "six weird things about you" blog post. People who get tagged need to write their own six weird things post and state the rules clearly. At the end of the post tag six more people and don’t forget to leave a comment on their blog to tell them they have been tagged and tell them to read your blog.)

I was tagged by Jada's Gigi to do this happy ditty so here I go I guess...be warned...are you sure you REALLY want to know???

1) I like to drink dill pickle juice from the jar...grosses my boys an really grosses my hubby out. Besides just liking it I in all honesty get a huge kick out of it just because it grosses them out....makes the juice that much sweeter I guess :-)

2) I don't know that this is weird or not but I am a handy woman...I probably use the tools in my hubby's garage more than he does....I don't mind getting dirty...I used to love playing in the dirt as a kid...I would help my dad in his home electronics repair business as a kid...I love to fix things or make home improvements.

3) I love to repeat the lines from movies...I pretty much have the whole Cars movie memorized...I will burst out into a line from a movie out of nowhere at just the right moment...I honestly just can't seem to help it.

4) I am a rhymer...I will make up little songs with my boys on the fly...kind of like that Wayne guy on "Who's Line Is It Anyway"....my boys love this and get in on it too....another thing that drives my hubby nuts.

5) I used to be big into those "carpet tracks"....when we were living in our apartment (prekids of course) I used to be pretty anal about those just right carpet tracks...luckily in this house there is only one bedroom where there is the type of carpet that can have carpet tracks...all the rest of the carpet in the house is berber carpet...and I'm happy with that.

6) I can't do my dishes without playing music...just gets me motivated. I truly feel lost without my music. Thank God for the new MP3 player!

So....since I'm not sure if there are even six people who read my blog...here is the deal...if you have read this and have a blog...well....TAG YOU'RE IT! Let me know so I can read your responses OK!!
So here is a layout I made of my youngest about a conversation we had this past summer...he was trying to hold me back with his "forest"...as many of you know my boys are BIG into Star Wars. I laughed so hard at this conversation that I had to scrapbook it...very simple layout I know but at least the memory is preserved.
Have a glorious day!

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Jada's Gigi said...

Your scrap page is too cute! and yes, at least the memory is preserved!
Too funny about the pickle juice...I like it too...but don't drink it much anymore...
I can totally see you beign a handy repair girl and my daughter does the movie quote thing...she's got a line for every thing!
Thanks for playin!