January 22, 2007

Snow...finally and God is SO good!

We finally got some snow yesterday...about 5-6 inches to be exact...here are a few pics of us playing in the snow with the neighbor girls.

First of all I have to say what an amazing God I serve...He is so AWESOME! Saturday we went to see Kevin's step-grandma in the nursing home. She isn't doing so well, having some trouble breathing, so we went up to visit...we haven't seen her in several years. We had a very nice visit and was very pleasant. We then went to hubby's Uncle's house for dinner. Also very nice. For our trip I allowed the boys to take their Gameboys since I wasn't sure what we would run into and I wanted to keep the boys occupied while we visited Grandma...I told myself that I would make sure I knew where they were at all times (we had already lost one Gameboy in the last year...not wanting to lose another). To make a long story short, when we finally got home Brennan's was missing. And to make matters worse his was in the case that held all the games...which I didn't want him taking in the first place. Needless to say I was devistated...hubby was very upset...made for a bad night. I cried to the boys...I was so disappointed in myself...I wasn't so much upset about losing the system (though there was plenty of $$ lost in that), I was much more upset at myself because I felt like I let my boys down. I was pretty sure I walked out of the nursing home with it, but from that point I had no clue what may have happened to it. I cried that night...I cried when I got up that morning...then found out I had to lead worship...I honestly wasn't much up to it and even thought of backing out of that...but I trusted God to get me through...I told the Pastor about my situation...I know it sounds stupid, please pray that my son's gameboy is found, but I believe God hears all our prayers, petty or not. I prayed during Sunday School, I went to the altar to pray during worship...I just prayed that God would just hear me...well when I got home after church I was still downhearted, but felt uplifted being in church. When I got home my boys greeted me with "Mommy...it's been found...it was at Daddy's uncle's house." I was so happy...I was praising the Lord all over the house...I was so thankful...God does listen to a broken heart...and yes my heart was broken...any time I feel like I let my boys down my heart does break. Thank you Jesus for answered prayer. Now the system isn't back in our hands just yet, but hopefully when we go back up in the next couple weeks it's soon be home safe and sound. Still not sure how it ended up in hubby's uncle's house, but I just praise God that it is found. God is SO good!
Hope you are having a happy Monday!

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