January 11, 2007

First Layout of 2007 and plenty of Randomness

Finally had a chance to work in my craft room today....though I have been extremely tired today, it sure did feel good to get in there and get ink on my hands....nothing like creating something to make your spirit sing! So here is my first layout for 2007: Scrapbooking this page was somewhat theraputic...as many of you know Tigger passed away the day before Thanksgiving this past year. I just had to do a layout of my favorite pics of him while we had him. I sure do miss that furry guy. It's amazing how God places people in our path for a reason...even those four legged people :-)

Well I have to get some dinner made and do my weekly run to Wal-mart tonight. So do you have a special pet or had a special pet that God blessed you with?...if so share your story here!

Also here is something to go with my "word" this year...ORGANIZE....

or·gan·ize (ôr'gə-nīz') Pronunciation Key v. or·gan·ized, or·gan·iz·ing, or·gan·iz·es v. tr.
To put together into an orderly, functional, structured whole.
To arrange in a coherent form; systematize: organized her thoughts before speaking.
To arrange in a desired pattern or structure: "The painting is organized about a young reaper enjoying his noonday rest" (William Carlos Williams).

Will be using that in a layout somehow...got my book yesterday too...enjoyed it so much from the library that I had to purchase it...I truly recommend it...I am determined to be organized this year...this book has already been a help and can't wait to read through the rest of it.

Downloaded my first bit of music for my new MP3 player tonight...So this is what I downloaded:

Chantal Kreviazuk ~ Little Things & Surrounded...found both these songs from watching Dawson's Creek...love her voice.

Heart ~ Alone...A Classic from my 80's days...love love love to sing to this one. It was a must have.

Jessica Andrews ~ I Will Be There For You...Another song I originally found on Dawson's Creek, though I think it is also on the Prince of Egypt soundtrack. Beautiful and one of the few country songs on my MP3.

KJ-52 ~ Life After Death & It's Pronounced Five Two...my boys like KJ and I don't mind him either...think he's pretty cool being a Christian rapper of sorts...his lyrics are inspirational and not only that it's good music to clean to ;-)

Michael Brandmeier ~ I'm Alright (Help Me)...another shameless song I heard on Dawson's Creek...sad I know...so very sad.

Natasha Bedingfield ~ Unwritten...I LOVE THIS SONG!! Love the lyrics...the beat...I knew when I got my MP3 that this would be one of the first songs I'd download...great meaning to this song.

Paul Colman ~ Holding On To You...great Christian upbeat song...it "rocks the flock" as I say. Love it!

Rihanna ~ Pon De Replay...downloaded for the main reason of being a cool upbeat song and great to workout/clean house to...gets me motivated!

Tonic ~ If You Could Only See...nice 90's song that I would have loved to have seen Chris Daughtery sing on American Idol...he would have nailed this one...no doubt.

Can't wait to get them on the MP3....

Found this on the internet tonight...http://www.disneytravelagents.com/dreams/site/html/may07time.html ...oh my goodness....would my boys not just love this!!!!! OK...hoping my hubby can get the time off and that the money tree grows really fast out back ;-) This would so be a blast!

Have a great weekend folks...may God embrace you with His splendor this weekend!

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