September 29, 2005

Praise the Lord!!!

Long day today, but a good one. Got a call from Pastor Dean today and we had a nice 20 minute chat. Man I sure do miss those guys. I like Pastor Rod and Joann...they're super nice people. I just don't know them that well yet. I guess you could say that I just miss my friends. Anyway, Pastor Dean was telling me about this church that he's candidating for and this church was voting tonight whether or not they would hire him and we just got the call tonight that they did! PTL!! I've been praying for them since they left that they would all get a church and get back into ministry. Pastor Lisa will lead worship from what I understand. Man I miss singing with her on Praise Team. PL knew how to "rock the flock"! So that means that they're all going to have to move again, but I think they'll be OK with that. It's in Gahanna Ohio which is real close to Rachel's family so I'm sure she's happy about that. I'm so happy for them...thank God for answered prayer! Pictures are of Pastor Dean, Racehl and PL with my hubby Kevin. I pray that God blesses their new ministry and that the people respond well to them. Thank you God!

God is good all the time...


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