September 29, 2005

...And back to the valley I go....

I know...sounds so dramatic doesn't it...not really me, at least I don't think so. But I'm so BUMMED right now. Went to the fairgrounds tonight (Fair doesn't officially start until tomorrow) just to be nosey and see if I got any ribbons on my stuff...only 2 2nd place ribbons this year...I am so stinkin' miffed...I know I should be thankful for the two ribbons, but none of my photos got anything, which doesn't shock me, but my scrapbook stuff got nothing for "Creative Hobby", actually to be honest it didn't look like anyone with scrabooking stuff got a ribbon, which I truly don't understand at all. Kevin's Corvette brochure collection got nothing, but the one that really upset me was my got nothing...and it was gorgeous. Just like the one I make last year only in grey with a mauve yarn in it every so poncho last year got 1st, this year nada...go figure! I would love to just once one year go to a judging and watch what it is that they really judge befuddles me. Especially in the photgraphy category. I undertand at least I'm beginning to, about looking for the lights and shadows in the pictures...those are the ones that seem to always win. But this one had a boy standing in front of his pool in a backyard with a picnic table that had a watermelon cut in half on it. The background wasn't nice, it seemed a teensy out of focus to me...but I think it got 2nd or 3rd. I just don't get it. I'm really bummed and discouraged. This just stinks big time. But praise the Lord for the two ribbons I got anyway, at least I won enough to buy me a sandwich at the fair :-)



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