September 24, 2005

The latest and up to datest...

Well as some of you may or may not know I do participate in the Effer Dares on Two Peas...this is my latest attempt. This week's dare is about scrapbooking about what makes you sad. If you've never been to Two Peas In A Bucket...check them out...some awesome talent on here... Also if you want to participate in the dares...they have a new blog to go to to see all the dares... ...these gals are super talented and have really helped me stretch out of my scrapbooking box...thanks gals! Tonight was Friday night...which means movie night at our house...tonight Brennan (the middle guy) wanted a dino night...(just to catch up...last week Austin, our oldest had Lilo & Stitch night). Last week I decorated their play room with Hawaiian stuff...raffia hanging from the doorframe, pineapples and palm trees was a blast and they loved it...I even changed Austin's screen saver on his computer to Lilo & I took Bren's dinos (he has a huge Rubbermaid tote of them) and just set them up around them room. I wanted to do streamers, but the twins Alaina & Alexis were still here and Colton was wound so I nixed that idea, but never got back to it wasn't as elaboarte as Austin's but I did have Pterodactyls hanging from the ceiling. He liked it anyway. Though Austin being a butt cut his Pterodactyls down...made me mad. Maybe tomorrow Brennan and the rest of us can just veg and watch dino's been a long time since we vegged. Well it has been a long day and I'm going to call it a night. Later, Tammy

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