September 27, 2005

I am blessed...

Today was a busy, yet a good day...I love good days. I had prayer and devotional time today..not a lot, but more than usual as of lately...the twins were in good spirits today and had fun playing with the most of what I needed to get done done today which was a blessing. Had Faithbooking tonight at church...only Michelle showed up with the twins...Leslie came later, but didn't was nice to unwind for an hour or so.

Have to share a funny...Brennan came home from school and was telling us at dinner about how his class watched a movie today called "Chew and Swallow" obviously had something to do with food cause he's explaining about how this big pancake hovered over the school...and then he said..."Then there was the tornado sauce..." Tornado sauce I asked?? Yeah tornado sauce. "Yeah was red and all over the place..." "You mean tomato sauce honey?" "Yeah mommy...tornado sauce" to love moments like that.

Picture above is one taken tonight...Daddy put the bandana on Coltie's head to look like a biker dude...He didn't want to take it off...Of course Austin, my little ham, had to get in the picture too. Man I love these little guys...they are my everything!

Thank you God for my family!


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