September 29, 2005

OK...once you've been on the mountaintop...

somewhere there's a valley lurking around the corner...not that it's a huge valley, and I'm NOT was just a long day and it's only 4 in the afternoon. I earned every bit of my $20.00 today. The twins and Colton kept me hopping pretty much all day. Lunch time was the only time I got a small break and we all ate together which in all honesty was fun and nice.

Alaina was crying when she came over...she didn't want Leslie to leave. Poor thing...this adjustment with Leslie working has been hard on the girls...I just hope they enjoy being here while they are here. I hope I can somewhat make it a little easier on them. Then Alaina peed on my kitchen floor (I just mopped it yesterday)...thank God it was the kitchen floor and not the carpet. Alexis peed her pull up...Colton didn't want to share...Sharing is a HUGE issue here right to figure a way to nip that one in the bud right quick.

Well I have to go run and get Austin...and then I have a meeting tonight too...full day today.



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