May 15, 2008

As a Mom, some days are just two shower days

I know Mother's Day has already passed, but as a Mom I have to say the usual "it's the hardest job in the world yet the most rewarding" line cause it is true. Some days are easy days where you are just hanging out with your kids playing or watching a movie together...other days not even trusty duct tape could keep it all together.... and it's funny it all just works out anyway...who cares if there is a mess on the counter or dishes in the sink. As mother's we try so hard to get it all done and done right...when in the end all that matters is family.

Tuesday, well actually all this week, is a busy week...field trips, meetings, etc...just lots going on. Tuesday however was a crazy day...I had to get Austin up early for school because he had a field trip that morning, then I get all the boys finally off to school and I try to do a few things around the house, get a shower and rush up to the school to do lunch duty, do some errands around town, run to Wal Mart and do a few things at home, run and get the boys from school, hear that it's going to rain the next few days and figure I better get the lawn mowed today, so I now it is now 5 p.m....I have a meeting in an hour, run in the house, get my second shower, make quick sandwiches for the kiddos and get them out the door and was 5 minutes late for my meeting and ran in there like my hair was on fire...but it was all good and OK and no one cared. Even though I'm the secretary....but hey...such is life. Then I get home from the meeting (hubby lagged behind talking to some people) at this time it's after 9 p.m. past the boys bedtime...rush and get them started for is a wreck...sink is full...finally get boys in bed, start on kitchen....finally about 10 p.m. or so kitchen is cleaned, and I finally collapse on the couch to watch my DVR recording of American Idol...tried for an hour and a half to call for David Cook to no avail...thus at midnight I finally called it a night...thus the life of a mother...for those of you who are mother's I'm sure you can relate...those of you who are not...I'm sure I just scared the pants off ya...but truly, it really is all worth it...right moms??

Here's to every day being Mother's Day

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