February 29, 2008


Of snow that is! Don't know about the rest of you but I am just so ready for spring! And these 2 hour delays and snow days off from school are just utter craziness! Yesterday was a 2 hour delay...the sun was shining and though there was snow on the ground...I took the boys to school AGAIN yesterday at the regular time only to find out that there was a 2 hour delay...then today though there was an actual 2 hour delay because of a teachers meeting it was snowing to beat the band, yet they still had school...why...because they already used all their 5 allotted days...it was crazy....not sure what they are thinking...but oh well....they didn't ask me ;-)

Getting ready for boys birthday party tomorrow...nothing too elaborate...in fact there really isn't a theme...sent out Transformer invites and having a Ratatouille cake...go figure...as long as the boys enjoy themselves is all that matters.

Not much really going on here...trying to keep up with all these snow days, keep up with the house, do eBay, and throw a little scrapbooking in there when I can.

Hope all is going well with all of you out there!

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Jada's Gigi said...

I remeber it well...soon..spring will come soon. with Daylight savings next wekk..it has to, right? ;)