February 8, 2008

Will you?

Layout for the latest challenge on FaithSisters.com. The challenge was to make a valentine...how better a valentine than Jesus showing us His love for us on the cross. This is a digital layout...still prefer paper scrapping, but digital is fun for something different. Picture credits to Izzy Galvez.
Sorry I've been so MIA but I just haven't been on the computer much...I've been finding many other things to occupy my time right now and that's OK...sometimes in life you have to move on to other things in order to appreciate the things you are used to doing. You kind of get in a rut and sometimes you just need to step back, refocus, and hey you never know you may find something new along the journey that you never experienced. I'm just trying to not get so stuck in a routine or better yet, spend so much time on the computer. So many things out there in life to discover and enjoy. Here's to discovering something new!
Have a great week and if I don't see you before Valentine's Day...have a lovely one and think about the one who gave you the ultimate Valentine!


Jada's Gigi said...

great scrapbook page! and you are so right about finding other things to do...its called having a life I guess..:)
have a great weekend!

Mijn oase design said...

It's a beautifull LO, Thanks for sharing!