February 2, 2008

Latest Challenge

If you haven't been to the FaithSisters site lately...check it out...this weeks challenge is about Grace. Loved this challenge...here is my layout:

Been so busy lately, and honestly I just haven't had much to talk about. Just drifting through life trying to keep things going here.

One of my hopes for this year is to be more organized. So on that note I'm hoping to clean my craft room this weekend cause it SOOOO needs to be cleaned. Haven't been able to craft there in weeks or at least very minimally since I have so little space....it's time for a major overhaul...and if you keep an eye out on the FaithSisters site....I may be doing a happy RAK (random act of kindness) and be giving away some of my scrapbooking items of "things I just won't use anymore" and just need to give away and make someone happy. So be on the lookout in the very near future once I ever get this room cleaned out...I will post here once I do.

Well no better time than the present. Wish me luck!

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