September 6, 2006


Today went pretty well with watching the twins...other than the normal "so and so pushed me or so and so isn't sharing", it was OK.

Having an anniversary on the 9th and having trouble finding a gift....any great ideas that don't cost a lot of $$ (don't get paid until next week...phooey) Any ideas would be appreciated.

So I was on Jada's Gigi's website and she had this on there so I thought I'd try and join in...

3 things that scare me~
My boys getting hurt
Swimming in deep water
Speaking in front of people...even though I do it

3 people that make me laugh~
My boys
Pastor Lisa
3 things I love~
(you said things)
My Canon Camera

3 things I hate~

3 things I don't understand~
How people don't believe in God
Calculus...almost flunked this in High School
Adobe Photoshop...but sure would love to learn

3 things I'm doing right now~
Watching Project Runway
Sitting in my office chair

3 things I want to do someday~
Travel to Europe
Take a boat down Hewlett's Creek in North Carolina
Get a scrapbook page published in a scrap magazine

3 things I can do~
Mow grass

3 ways to describe my personality~
Shy-until I know you

3 things I cannot do~
Eat bananas
Not tell my boys I love them every day

3 things I think you should listen to~
80's Music (Journey!!)
Joyce Meyer or Joel Olsteen

3 things I think you should never listen to~
People who don't really know you
That little voice in your head that tells you that you can't
Disgusting music that uses profanity

3 absolute favorite foods~
Chocolate (It's a food right??)
Seafood, Mexican or Italian

3 things I'd like to learn~
Play piano or guitar
How to get my scrapbook pages in a magazine!

3 beverages I drink regularly~
Auqafina water
Tim Horton's English Toffee Capp

3 shows I watch~
Dawson's Creek (I'm a shameful addict!)
Project Runway
Dr. Phil

3 bloggers I tag
Anyone who wants to jump in...feel free. :) Do you have anything in common with me?? :)


Miskaj said...

Lots of things I see about you that
we have in common. Mainly GOD! Some of the foods and then things about your kids and the cute pics. Loved them! Like your site and hope
you come to visit mine too! I am a first-time BLOGGER so I may need a little help with getting started! Hope to see you soon! Katie

Jada's Gigi said...

We both love to sing, course we knew that. :) I don't like deep water either...yikes! I'm more than a little sarcastic and like mowing grass...
HAppy anniversary!