September 10, 2006

Happy Anniversary Honey!

Yesterday my hubby and I celebrated our 17th Wedding Anniversary. He truly is my soulmate. Though it hasn't always been an easy ride and we learn from each other more and more every day, I would not want to go through life without this man. He definitely makes life interesting and I love him...happy anniversary honey! We went

to dinner last night in town and had a nice meal. Thank God for our neighbors who were able to watch our boys at the last minute. They are truly a blessing!

On other notes of parents are celebrating their 40th anniverary on Tuesday...Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! They spent the weekend in Lancaster, PA visiting the place they spent their honeymoon 40 years ago. It's not many people anymore that can say they've been married that long...God bless them...hopefully with 40 more.

My sis has found a new church home I think....she called me today all excited. I'm glad for her...she's been searching for so long. I'm glad she's taken the step forward...I know it was hard for her. I pray that she finds her place and makes new friends there.

My little sis just called me from a Journey concert....she thought of me in the middle of the concert and just called me...said it was so I really can't wait until Tuesday!

My best friend from high school surprised me with a visit yesterday...we only get to see each other about once a year or's just hard for us to get together with her job and my was so nice to see her. We've been friends since 6th grade. In fact she was the first friend I ever had when my family moved us how time flies.

Well hope all was well with your weekend. Going to actually go to bed at a decent time tonight I think...these 4-6 hours sleep a night is killing me...and I only have myself to blame for that...too much going on!

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Jada's Gigi said...

Wow lots of celebratin' over there! :) congratulations on your two look like babies in the photo. :)