September 18, 2006

Been a bit MIA lately....I know....

No folks I haven't dropped off the face of the earth...nor did I run off to become a Journey groupie (Though that doesn't sound half bad)...been really really busy...County Fair is fast approaching and I always try to put a few items in the fair...I usually put some crocheted blankets and photos...I'll probably try putting another scrapbook page in too...the more ribbons I get the more $$, the more $$ aleviates the cost for a stinkin' ticket into the fair which this year is $ 28.00 for an exhibitors pass...that is for 7 trips into the fair...for our family that means one family day with all five of us and maybe a night with just hubby and I and that's's too expensive for us to plunk down $ 6-7 a person just to get into our fair...though I must admit we have the most AWESOME fair in Ohio in my humble opinion...the town pretty much shuts down during our fair...schools close, churches cancel their Sunday evening services, businesses shut down, it's a trip! People who move here from other cities don't get it until they've been here and seen it....then they get it. If you want to see anyone the week of Sept. 29 - Oct. 5th....first place to look is the fair. It's sad I know. We are a bunch of hicks here...but it is a lot of fun. And nothing beats fair food...Italian sausage sandwiches, fried pickles, homemade ice cream bars, fresh lemonade, and my fav...kettle corn. Can't beat the fair. So needless to say in a long winded sort of way...I'm saying I'm going to be in and out of here quite a bit the next few weeks...but while I'm talking about the are a few of the pics I'm planning on putting in the fair...tell me what you think OK???

Well blogger is only allowing me to put these three pics on for now...I'll upload more during the week if I can get time...have a great week and may God bless you!


Miskaj said...

Hey Tammy! Yes I lived there in the
1970's in Wapakoneta and moved in 1980 and back to Mount Vernon in 1998 til 2002 and we moved here ot Iowa. You are where if you want to say? Have a great day and thanks so much for stopping by! Cute kids and the fair was good back in Mount Vernon too! Loved the fried bread stuffs!Be blessed! Katie

Jada's Gigi said...

How wonderful! I love the fair but it sounds like your is much more exciting than ours. Good plan to offset the cost...The pics are great. I like the first upside down one. Have fun getting ready for it.