January 26, 2006


Well as scared as I am to say it I think I'm feeling better (thanks for those who prayed for me)...so far so good at the moment. Hubby went to the doctor today...doc wants to do some blood work on him and then go from there...not sure if hubby may have had a gall stone or something. I'm just praying it's nothing serious, not that gall bladder problems isn't serious, but you know what I mean. I've got to torture this man for a few more years at least ;-) I know most of his problems are stress related. He's been dealing with upper respiratory infection since before we left for Disney and acid reflux...now this possible gall bladder thing...I know it's all because of the stress he's under at work with this doing all the supervisor work exclusively now. I worry about him...he's way too young to be going through what he's going through at the moment...please keep him in your prayers.

Well on a lighter note and since I finally got my pics downloaded tonight I will share a few pics of our trip. Now I will share a few each night and kind of go in chronological order as to what we did what day. Tonight I will be sharing what we did on Christmas Day...actually a month ago as of yesterday...has it been that long ago already??

Well first of all I think I've mentioned I hate to fly. This time was no exception. My boys loved the flight, however mommy doesn't fly so well. The pilot brought the plane down so fast that the change in air pressure made me sick. But once I got past that I was fine. Overall the airlines experience was good. We get to our hotel and we are staying at the All Star Movies Resort...we are staying in the Dalmations "wing". It was cool. We went to Boma's Restaurant which was an African Restaurant in the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Very good food. My favs were the Couscous Marakesh and the Chocolate Mousse Crunch. Most tasty. As you will soon see we ate well while we were there. We left there and toured around the Lodge. Each resort had a Christmas tree decorated in the theme of their hotel. They were amazing. Then we went back to our room to rest for the next day....MAGIC KINGDOM! More on that with tomorrow's post. I'm just glad to finally share my trip with you all...sorry you had to wait so long. Pics below are of my hubby and my little Coltie. Also pictured are my parents...who by the way footed this amazing vacation...Thanks! Well more tomorrow.

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