January 27, 2006


I'm so sick of being tired. Today I was able to get some much needed grocery shopping done and fix dinner...that was about it and about all that I had the energy for. Then I sat down at my computer tonight and realized, "Oh crud I have a church calendar that needs to go out this weekend and I haven't even started it!" So needless to say I did that and thank God it went together rather smoothly. So after I'm done here I'm going to do our usual Friday night movie night with the kiddos and probably end up crashing on the couch. It's been truly an exhausting and trying week...I'm ready to move on.

Well to carry on with my Disney trip...On December 26th we spent the day at Magic Kingdom with my parents. What a blast...first thing we went to do was Small World of course. It's one of my favorite rides just because of the nostalgia of it. It's the one and only ride I remember when I went to Disneyland at the age of 3 or 4. It's something special for me.

Then we went through Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. The boy's favorite ride of the day (especially for Austin) was Stitch's Great Escape. This was the ride that they were most looking forward to.

Here is a pic we took of the castle when we walked into the park...I was actually able to catch the fireworks in mid air...tooo cool.

We ate lunch at the Plaza Restaurant. Good food...especially the Tomato Bisque Soup.

We went to Disney's Philharmagic which is a 3-D show...phenominal...I think we saw it 3 times while we were there... shortly after that my parents had to leave us to take care of a situation with my little brother. After that we kind of tried to see as much of Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and Disney's Toon town as we could. The park was packed and lines were long. But we still had a great time despite all that.

We later ate dinner at the Crystal Palace where a majority of the Pooh characters were. The boys loved this not only because they had their own personal kids buffet, but the characters went through the restaurant about twice...they loved seeing the characters.

After dinner we watched the fireworks. Can we say amazing...how about breathtaking...I stood there in the middle of Fantasyland and was literally in tears cause I just couldn't believe we were there and that this was so much more beautiful than I could have ever imagined! Then before the fireworks were over we hoped on the Haunted Mansion ride and got right on...SCORE! I love the Haunted Mansion ride...Austin hated it...had his eyes closed the whole time...he can be such a fraidy cat...he makes me laugh. We tooled around a little after that...saw the Spectromagic parade and pretty much then called it a night. Kevin was in total awe of the Spectromagic parade...I can't remember the last time I saw him so in awe and in smiles...probably since the last new car show I attended with him maybe...it was so nice to see him have some fun and RELAX! It was truly a wonderful first full day at Disney World!

Can't wait to go back....how about right now :-)

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