January 5, 2006


Yes folks I'm back...not sure what is wrong with Blogger tonight but I just typed a great long post and it didn't save it for whatever reason...so now it's late and I need to get to bed so I'll keep this short for now and write more later...had an awesome time...great time with family...great, no, awesome food....great experiences...would definitely do it again...tired and glad to be home...just did laundry for two days straight...helped boys tonight with 2 days worth of homework AACCKKK!!...but overall I and I believe the family had a great time. I took plenty of photos, but I'm still having trouble downloading the pics off my new Canon so I'll post a couple I got from my Olympus tonight and I'll post a more detailed post about our trip in days to come.

To all those who prayed and wished us well....thank you because it worked...thank you!

Well until later...Happy New Year a little late ;-)


Lu said...

what nice pics.

Jada's Gigi said...

Welcome bbaaacckkkk! :)Look forward to hearing all about it. The pics look great so far. Glad you all had an awesome time