January 16, 2013

Training Day 3

So day three of my 16 week half marathon training plan is complete and to be honest I am sore...not overly, but I'm feeling it. Not sure if it's the cross training I did yesterday...which by the way I AM feeling...mostly in my arms and neck. I can see this training isn't going to be a walk in the park...it's going to be a challenge for sure.

Today I did my second set of speed intervals. I decided to stay with a 400m distance the whole time...don't want to overdo it. I'm not sure if it was just the fact that I was tired and sore from yesterday, but this set I seemed to struggle a little more than last week's intervals. I did 7 sets of 400m like last week, though I only took one lap to recover instead of 2. On intervals 5 and 6 I was bottoming out for sure, but for some reason interval 7 I didn't feel too bad...maybe it was because I knew I was about done...lol. Regardless I did it and I was able to keep a pace (even with my walking recovery laps) of 9'54" which isn't too bad for a not so young thing. I'm hoping that this training will get me to where I need to be by May...completing my first half marathon. That's the goal and that's all that matters. Blood, sweat and tears are part of the package...but hopefully there will be sweet victory in the end.

My biggest challenge....pacing. Learning to pace myself properly. A 5K pace is far different than a half marathon pace. Learning that running a race is not just physical, but there are a lot of mental components that go into it as well. My biggest challenge is making sure not to give too much too soon. Learning that going slow at first will benefit me towards the end...saving some of that energy for when I'm at mile 12 where I'll be tempted to give up. That will be my biggest struggle I can see. Hopefully these next 16 weeks of training will help me work that out.

On another note...took my middle son Brennan to Freshman scheduling orientation last night. Honestly I'm in shock...how did this happen??? I struggled with Austin becoming a Freshman, but I knew for a while that was looming over the horizon. With Brennan I feel like it just snuck up on me. Where did my sweet big hearted Brennie Gene go?? Wasn't he that shy little kid I just took to Kindergarten?? Wow...when they said that once they start school it goes by fast, they weren't kidding...especially when they get to Jr and Sr. High. Geesh!! They all are growing up to fast and it make me incredibly sad. But so proud of what they are becoming.

So tonight I am taking another cooking class at The Village Pantry. If you have not taken a class there, you need too...they have great recipes and are so very gracious. The owners Chris and Jenny Wilson are great and work so well together. You can tell that this is their passion. Tonight's class also includes Ed Kiefer of Kiefer's Florist giving some great decorating tips. Took a class with him last week...very informative. I was relieved to know that I'm obviously on the right track with the redecorating of my house. Tonight Ed is going to talk about texture and more decorating tips. I'm not sure if tonight's class is sold out, (they usually sell out pretty quickly) but you can give The Village Pantry a call if you are interested.

Well I'm going to leave you today with a picture I put on my Facebook page for my 365 day photo challenge...today's photo was to do with a good habit. The best good habit I can say I have right now of course is running...best thing I've ever done for myself. But a good habit is even better when shared. This is a pic of my friends Lori Varns, Leslie Warner and Juanita Welch after our CCMH 5K this past October. It was a miserable rainy day that day, but despite that I think the majority of us beat our own PR's that day. A memorable day indeed.

Have a great day everyone!


Jada's Gigi said...

I see you are still blogging...or I see that youa re getting back to blogging. :) I am trying to as well. We shall see how it goes, yes?

Tammy said...

Yes...decided to try and revive the old blog....want to keep track of my half marathon training mostly. Maybe we can motivate each other to keep blogging ;)