January 15, 2013

Time for a revival...of sorts.

Considering it is a new year, and I see many great new things on the horizon for 2013, I figured it's time to revive this old blog to document it if for no one else, at least for myself. 

2013....New Year...new beginnings...a time to reflect and a time to re-evaluate and start anew. As in several years past I have chosen a word for 2013...My One Little Word for the year if you will (as given by the great scrapbooking icon Ali Edwards). However, let me digress for just a moment...

When I came across Ali Edwards' idea of choosing a word for the New Year I thought "What a great idea!" So when I started this journey my word for 2011 was TRUTH...and a great word it was! Between things that happened that year and taking the Brave Girls "Soul Restoration" Class, I found out so many great things about myself...things that were holding me back, things I never realized and the strength to push forward...great word! For 2012, the word was PREPARE...which again was a perfect word for that year. That year we did quite a bit of remodeling to our home...Kevin's bathroom, my bathroom, our living room, redid our hallway with new drywall and a new kitchen floor (finally!!). A lot of preparation and stress went into all that, that is for sure...I think that word also helped me prepare also for this year. This year my word I've chosen is DISTANCE. Which honestly has several different meanings for me. The main one being that I'm preparing for my first half marathon this May...which is also the main reason I'm reviving this blog...I want to document my journey to the half marathon. I think "distance' is a word that will serve me well this year and I'm hoping you will join me on my journey.

So most of my posts will probably be about my running journey and my preparations and struggles with preparing for my first half marathon. Now I'm no young pup anymore and my body tells me that often, but I'm determined to do this and to do it with excellence. As my hubby says, once I get my mind set on something, better just get out of the way...I guess I can be a stubborn one...go figure :)

So my first post for this new year, I officially began my half marathon training yesterday. I'm signed up to run the Cap City Half Marathon in May. I've looked over several "training plans", and so far this one I found on Runner's World seems to be the best fit for me...it's called the FIRST Half Marathon Training Plan and it uses only 3-4 runs a week and 2 days of cross training...I like the idea of not running every day...this body is not up for that...so this plan intrigues me. Started yesterday with a good tempo run at Kids America...went in the evening which I have never done...luckily it wasn't too crowded...much better than the mornings at 9 AM...great bobbing and weaving training during that time...lol. Felt pretty good. 

Today I did my first bit of cross training....don't really have a set "plan" yet, but looking into a few things, but thought I better start something so I decided to use this app I found on my Kindle called Daily Workouts..(I have the free version)...only did 20 minutes today, 10 minutes on abs and 10 minutes on arms since those are what I consider my weakest areas...and can I say I am right!! Especially my arms! I never was big on upper body strength so here's hoping that this year I will go the distance and change that...I guarantee I'm going to feel this arm workout later!

On another note, I am also doing my best to give God the first part of my day...I've been reading a devotional by Joyce Meyer called "Battlefield of the Mind".  So far it has been really good. I do miss days...weekends are harder than through the week...but not beating myself up over it...God knows my heart and I know He sees my efforts. It has been the most consistent I have been so far and really gleaning something from it, so I am going with it...I am also reading another devotional, but don't want to share it just yet...you'll understand later, but it also is changing me and working out well...though it truly isn't easy.

So, thus begins my journey into 2013....going the distance and setting goals. Hopefully seeing positive results. May you also go the distance in your life in 2013!! Have a great year!

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