October 21, 2009

Coffee, Tea and Me

Yes, again it has been over a month since my last post....Wow I feel like I've just been to a Catholic confession (no offense to Catholics) but wow...yes it's me and yes it's been over a month since my last blog post...Yikes....yes life is very much in full swing in this household...still!

To sum up the last 6 weeks...we had our annual County Fair...though I didn't have time this year to enter nearly as much as I usually do, I did manage to put in a few photographs and my scrapbooks. I received 2 third places and 1 first place in photography and a second place in my scrapbooks. I was happy with that. I made just enough to pay for my fair ticket, which is usually the goal anyway. It's funny though how the older I get, the less I enjoy the fair...it's just not the same when you are a kid. :-)

Had our family pictures taken...finally...by an amazing girl (who I actually used to babysit as a teenager...yes I feel old!)...check out her work here. I'm hoping to have pics soon to post here. The photos were my Christmas present this year and I couldn't be happier!

The weather here in Ohio has gotten much chillier...and I've been trying to not drink so much coffee, cause it was getting a bit obsessive...yeah...a bit...but now I have found a new found love to tea...thing is I have to watch how much I drink cause it causes havoc to my kidneys, but I'm doing my best to drink it in moderation...I like to drink my Twining's English Breakfast tea in the morning and then Numi's Honeybush tea at night...YUM! And I've learned to drink my tea without cream and find it quite tasty! So as long as I drink only a couple cups a day, so far I've been fine...which is a blessing!

On another note...homeschooling...is going...well, we have our good days and bad days still...Monday was a good day, we went on a field trip to New Concord and visited the National Road Museum and John & Annie Glenn's house....and of course got to visit my favorite "sister" Chelle at school where she works....it was a good day....yesterday...not so good day...tough test....Austin didn't do well at all...made for depressing day...though I like this idea of homeschooling, I'm still debating in my head whether I've done the right thing for Austin or not...not only that, I'm still debating whether I'm really cut out to teach....I didn't get bad grades in school, but I wasn't an A student either. Just not sure I'm believing in myself enough to really pull this off and the last thing I want to do is harm Austin's academic career...but today is a new day and I'm trying to look at it with new eyes for today and not think about yesterday...God will get us through, I know He will.

On a more religious note...I've been reading the Old Testament lately...mainly the journey of the Isrealites to the Promised Land. I have been feeling a lot like the Isrealites lately...wandering in the desert...mainly because of disobedience...and trying to find my way to the Promised Land. I am searching...I am walking...and yes I am stumbling along the way, but I'm coming to realize that no matter what, God is always there for me. He never, ever leaves me...He may not like what I do, but He is always there and loves me. So right now I'm currently trying to seek Him more, to learn how to fight battles that I finally need to bury once and for all, and realizing that these fights are from the enemy and not just some flukey thing I'm going through...believe me, when I finally get around this mountain in my life, there WILL be much rejoicing! But until then, I pray, I read, and I'm learning to rely on God more and trying to rely on me less. Hard to do when you like to control things :-)

So I also took another online class from Big Picture Scrapbooking from Cathy Zielske called "An Encyclopedia of Me"...let me tell you, if you are a scrapbooker and you love to laugh...you MUST take one of Cathy's classes...she is a hoot and she rocks with the scrapbooking let me tell ya! I'm just about done with my album, and I had so much fun writing and creating this one...hopefully I can post some pages on here soon. I know Cathy is teaching her "Designing My Life" class sometime in early 2010 and if you are just beginning scrapbooking or like me, just want to hone your skills and learn from a genuine pro...run to Big Picture and sign up for her class...you will definitely not be disappointed! She is truly amazing.

Well I really need to get busy and get something accomplished today, but I just felt the need to update this, whether anyone actually reads this or not, at least for posterity purposes.

For now, have a good day...or should I say month since it will probably be that long before I post again? ...Anyway...blessings and hugs to you all!

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