September 2, 2009

I can't believe it!!

Has it seriously been since May since I posted last?? Wow...all I can say is that life has been super super busy and no chance of letting up anytime soon.

Summer was a blur...June came and went pretty quickly...not really sure what happened with June....seems like forever ago.

July went just as quick...and cumulated in a 3 week vacation, a week spent cleaning and making some extra $$, over a week of that spent camping in Kentucky then the rest of the vacation cleaning up after the vacation....and needless to say after we got back home I wanted to go back on vacation...I LOVE camping! (There was a LOT going on as soon as we pulled into the drive it seemed...funny how life works that way...though it wasn't funny at the time let me tell you!) We went to Kentucky to see my baby brother get was so sweet. Never thought he would do it...and they have such a pretty area where they live!

August consisted of pretty much getting things ready for school and just trying to get back on track sort of...I've decided to homeschool my's going OK...we have our good moments and we've had a couple meltdowns, but overall I think it is working well...just trying to get into a routine that works for both of us. The other two boys are enjoying school. Brennan seems to be doing really well this year...and Colton...he's of course in his element with his friends and enjoying being the class clown :-)

I of course have come down with a cold...and not that I'm surprised...I've had a very awful time sleeping lately and I know I let my body get run down a bit...I've kind of gotten away from my workouts this summer..but I've been able to maintain my weight so I'm OK with it for now...but I do want to get back into a routine once life gets back into a routine...and I get over this blasted cold of course!

I know this is short for being away so long, but I have to help Austin with his Social Studies.

Have a good week!


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Elizabeth said...

Tammy thank you so much for your prayers yesterday. It warms my heart knowing that there are others out there that are praying for me and lifting me up. It meant the world to me.

Jada's Gigi said...

Glad to hear you had a nice summer and are doing well. Take care!