May 28, 2009

Here I am...barely breathing...

If you hear a huge sigh...that would be me...after the month of May pretty much whomped my sorry tushkuss...May is usually a busy month for me, but this year takes the cake by far hands down...looking at my calendar...I had a total of three days...count them...3....that I had nothing planned...I was one busy busy momma. Considering the month of May was field trip central for all my was like "Hey let's cram as many field trips as possible in one month"...Craziness! But we all had fun and weather for all the field trips were good, thank God...but I am one worn out busy month is about is the boys last day of school YIPPPEEE!!! So happy about that...bring on summer! Then tomorrow my parents are taking me to Columbus to see Joyce Meyer for my birthday...probably a BD's Monogolian Grill trip in there somewhere as well I imagine ;-)

So yes I've been is a wreck so please don't visit me until at least mid-June :-) Kids are good which is a GOOD thing. Brennan and Colton have had straight A's the past nine weeks and this nine weeks. Austin is not far behind with only 2 B's. I'm highly considering homeschooling Austin though next year because I just don't feel comfortable sending him to the Junior High just yet...I just don't feel that he's ready for that...but I'm getting a little slack from some people saying that it's not the right thing to if you have any experiance with homeschooling and can give me some pointers or tips or just some support...I sure would appreciate that.

My baby brother FINALLY popped the question to his now fiance and will be getting married this sounds like a camping trip to Kentucky is in the works this summer! My baby sister just moved to the Westerville area in Columbus to find a better school suited for my nephew Treyce...I admire her dedication to him and all that she does to make sure he's got the best he can get...amazing!

Went to celebrate hubby's birthday this past Saturday with a trip to Easton Mall in Columbus and of course a trip to BD's Mongolian Grill. Lots of fun and great food of course! My dad got to cook behind the grill...unfortunately I missed seeing that or I would have had pictures...I'm sure he was like kid in a candy store though! Then we did a little shopping ending with a trip to the Apple Store to drool all over their equipment...Is it wrong to pray specifically for an iMac??? I want one...heck I need one since my computer is down again with another nasty virus, just had the mother board I'm using Austin's computer again...ughh....come one money tree...grow already!

Well need to clean a little bit of house at least and do some laundry...going out to lunch soon with Kevin and his father and step-mom for an early birthday lunch at English Ivy....YUM! Maybe I can have a birthday week like hubby did last week :-)

Hope all is well with everyone and I hope to post more often than once a month now that summer for me will officially start at 3:15 p.m. today! Yeah for the last day of school!!!!!!!! Later peeps!


Jada's Gigi said...

Have a wonderful summer! sounds like you have one in teh works...and Happy birthday to you and your hubby...:)
As for sister and her middle school teacher husband have 4 kids...they have let them all go through elementary school and then taken them out to home school them for middle school...letting them go back in high school if they want to. Some do some don't so far.

Jada's Gigi said...

Middle is a really rough time for kids....