October 21, 2008

Time passes so quickly...

I have been so busy lately...and I've been missing being on here in blogger-land...but life and time passes so quickly...took some time this past weekend to take in some of the fall season during the annual area Fall Farm & Foliage Tour. What a beautiful weekend for it too! A bit nippy at first, but OK towards the end. However this year was a different year for me...it was just Colton and I this year. Austin...well....he just wasn't at all interested in going so ironically Papa stopped by that morning and saved him from my "evil plan of taking him out into nature". Brennan...well...my brave and amazing Brennan went on his first official Cub Scout camp out (and man was it ever cold the night they camped...I felt so sorry for him and every moment I was awake that night I prayed for those guys!) Hubby went camping with him too...in a tent I'll have you know....and if you know my hubby a tent is NOT how you camp...camping is pulling in with the motor home with satelite TV, air conditioning and the works (of course a heater this weekend would have been SUPER!) Needless to say they overall had a wonderful time...Brennan can't wait to do it again. Though I have to say I had the most terrible time dropping him off...I cried when I left him...I've never left him behind like that before...I mean he's been to Grandma & Papa's and the neighbor's house, but to leave him to go on a camp out with a bunch of other boys and I wouldn't be there....it bothered me a lot...I'm very protective of that little guy...it was rough and I'll just leave it at that.
That's when I realized how fast these boys are growing up...Austin is pushing those teen years (uck!) and Brennan is sprouting again and I can't get enough food in that kid at the moment...I swear I'm going to walk in the kitchen and all our food is going to be gone! And Colton...can I just say how much fun I had with Colton during the Farm Tours...we don't get a lot of mommy Coltie time anymore like we used to so it was kind of nice. He's growing up so fast too and boy is he ever sharp and smart! He has a way and a charm about him...which is his saving grace let me tell ya!
Well off to another week of busyness...I'm praying that at some point this all starts to slow down some, but I'm not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel yet...maybe someday.


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Jada's Gigi said...

when it does slow down, you'll be bored! :) the Farm Trip sounds fun. I can't beleive you have one nearing teen hood. Oh my!