November 21, 2007

One Tired Chicka....

This remodeling is truly kicking me HARD! Had all intentions of posting some more pics of the kitchen progress, but honestly I'm just too tired...maybe I'll post some later this week, but for now I'll just "chat" about it.

Kitchen is coming along...may even have a kitchen (minus new flooring) by Turkey day...possibly. After spending the last several days fumigating myself with polyurathane (nasty stuff...P-U), I finally got my cupboards stripped, sanded, polyed (four coats I may add...I added an extra coat just cuz...) sanding in between each coat of poly...though it's not perfect, it's perfect enough for me and I'm very happy with it...much better than hubby's initial thought of painting them that's for sure. My cupboards have this beautiful rustic look that I was really hoping for. (I want to see pictures now right...sorry....still too tired, so you'll just have to wait...or stop by). My countertop should be going in (HOPEFULLY) tomorrow so I may actually be able to (again HOPEFULLY) cook in my kitchen tomorrow...we shall see. It will be nice to not have to cook in the basement anymore. Then the fun will begin of trying to clean this mess up and actually put hings back where they belong...somewhat. I still won't have my drawers and doors until the weekend, but hey...I've gotten kinda used to no doors. Oh well.

Well again, I'm TIRED!! so this chicka is going to finally go to bed. Pictures next time..hopefully with pics of countertop on too!

And if I don't get on here before Turkey day....have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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Jada's Gigi said...

hope your holiday was great! Can't wait to see your remodel...I'm hoping to get some of mine done soon too.