May 28, 2007

This is Tammy signing off...

Well folks....since today is technically D-day for me (will be out of town tomorrow on a field trip with cool is it that I get to go on a trip to a Chocolate factory for my birthday...sweet!)

Have been spending all day doing laundry, ironing, cleaning the house, getting teacher gifts done (YIKES!! Almost forgot with everything going on) and hopefully tonight I will get most of the packing done for our Disney trip...getting excited! Oh, and we've just been invited to a cookout at hubby's brother's house, so may go to that (hey if I don't have to cook this close to vacation I'm up for that)...yet still have a lawn to mow since I haven't been able to do it the past couple days because of rain. May end up paying the neighbor to do it if we don't get that done....oh well.
Well hope you all have a great week...pray that we get there and back safely, that we don't forget anything major, that we are able to relax and that we come back with many, many memories.
So since I probably won't be able to get back on here by the time we leave on Wednesday, this is me signing off until next week...MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!

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Jada's Gigi said...

How exciting!! Hope you have a blast!! and happy birthday too! :)