January 21, 2011

You can't go home again...

So this past weekend we took a much overdue trip to the Cleveland area. While we were there we visited my grandparents (my grandpa is going to be 90 next month...WOW!!) and my aunt and uncle. It was so nice to visit and eat dinner with my extended family...and we got to eat at Red Robin which we've never eaten at before (none near us) and it was quite good. It was just nice to take the time out to visit, chit chat and enjoy family.

On Monday we got a tip that the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame and Great Lakes Science Center was having free admission that day...so we decided to partake of the "free day". Luckily we got to the Rock Hall early and the crowd really wasn't bad at all. I enjoyed the Rock Hall very much and the boys liked it some, they liked the hands-on stuff of course and were mesmerized by the wild outfits. They were most fascinated with the Michael Jackson display of course. By the time we were leaving the Rock Hall people were lined up outside to get in...which was CRAZY!! We decided to go next door to the Great Lakes Science Center...speaking of crazy...that place was a zoo. We only stayed for about an hour and got out of there because it was just way too crowded and the boys were getting cranky and hungry...and Colton was throwing a fit...lol! The boys were fascinated with seeing the frozen Lake Erie and the huge boats though.

We didn't stay in Cleveland long after that since we heard there was an ice storm on the way, though we did tool around long enough to see my childhood home, the house I grew up in from the age of around 2 to the age of 11, and then also seeing my old elementary school. The school hasn't changed much at all from what I remember of it. And though I know it's the house, it looks quite different to me. Maybe because it's white instead of the cute minty green that I remember...or maybe because it seemed bigger to me back then. The large pine tree that used to be in the front yard is gone as well as the huge hickory tree that used to be in the backyard. We also saw the old "Lawson's" building that I used to go get milk and bread for my mom was still there as well as Augie's pizza...unfortunately they were closed or I would have so waited for a pizza. They had good authentic Italian pizza...delish!!

Also saw the old mall we used to go to, Randall Park Mall, which I was extremely shocked to find it was boarded up and no longer in operation. This saddened me deeply...this was the place we'd go for something special to do...there was the big theatre...and all the shops...and at Christmas time it was absolutely magical. I loved that mall. There were times we would even walk to the mall...which was about a mile from our house...but it was no big deal to me...we were going to THE MALL!! So to see it all boarded up, vacant and dead was a sad sight. From what I understand, it started going downhill shortly after we moved....go figure.

Like my mom told me...you can't go home again....and not that I would want to go back and live in the Cleveland area again, but I think it's true...you can't go back to your past...you can only move forward in your Journey of life...so here's to moving forward and a great 2011!!

Here is a pic of my new necklace from Lisa Leonard Designs...I'm going to be doing the One Little Word Workshop over at Big Picture Classes hosted by the incredible Ali Edwards. My word for 2011 is "truth". This year I am seeking truth in my life...truth in myself, truth in those around me...just stripping away the fluff and stuff and getting to what is true. And I couldn't stop at just a word for this year...I decided to also include my life word. My life word is "journey"...which is also the name of my blog (and name of my favorite band, but unlike what my hubby thinks this is NOT the purpose of the word)...life is a journey...it is an adventure...there are great, amazing moments...there are potholes and there are detours. The journey includes joy and sorrow, but it IS a journey...not something to sit on the sidelines and watch, but something to be experienced and enjoyed...My hope is to enjoy my journey to its upmost fullest.
Happy 2011 to you all!

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