February 27, 2009

Have we reached the bottom of the barrel on America's talent?

Ok...as many of you know I'm not one to sit and watch a lot of TV...just so many other more interesting things to do in my opinion...but I always seem to get sucked in like millions of other people by...yes...American Idol. Everytime one of my favorites gets bumped off I swear I'm never going to watch again, but find myself every season glued to my TV. And now with the glorious invention of DVR...I can watch it whenever I want to...awww technology.
But with that being said...I have to say how sorely I'm disappointed with AI this year. If you are a watcher too, then I think you'll agree...these folks are just not getting it! Though there are those VERY few rays of sunshine so far have to say this year is just alll out puzzling me...I mean after the laughing hyena Tatiana...and the Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentle or whatever his name is...(Though I have to admit he is HILARIOUS and I really did like his performance this week...but seriously did he really think he would get through on that...but truthfully...he HAS now made a name for hmself and I guarantee we'll see him in Vegas somewhere...) I always said I would never want to WIN AI...just get far enough along to make my name known and go from there...after all...how many winners besides Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are really making a name for themselves?? After all I bet if I were to check Chris Daughtry has probably sold as many or maybe even more albums than any of those that won...but I will set bitterness aside and move on...

This season is just one of those season's where you wonder where the talent is...again, how did Tatiana make it through to the top 36 other than for her annoying laugh?? And can we mention Stevie Wright's awful performance...sweet girl she seems...just totally hacked her moment. And it all seems to be based on song choice...come on people...you for one don't pick a song recorded by a megastar unless you are cocky enough to say that even come close...you are taking a risk picking songs by Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and the like...also for the most part a girl shouldn't sing a guy's song and vice versa unless you can really change it up...with the except of Danny Gokey...He right now is my fav and I loved his rendition of Hero by Mariah Carey...beautiful...he was the exception. And AI is more than about singing the song...it's about performing as well. How painful was it to watch Matt Breitkze's performance...he pretty much just stood there...I thought I was at a club watching karaoke...not that he sung that badly...just no life in his performance.

So here are my top three thus far:

Danny Gokey: To me the forerunner and I just LOVE this guy!

Alexis Grace: Not only a cutie...but she can truly sing! I like her a lot!

Adam Lambert: He's raw and edgy....he's definitely marketable and has a cool voice.
So just my two cents for what it's worth...my first choice of course is Danny...he blows everyone away. Alexis and Adam I feel are going to go far in this competition...After all never have I seen such a gap between good mediocre singers and great amazing singers...I think these three alone have it wrapped up...so the question is...has America finally reached the bottom on singing talent?? Hmm...we still have one more group to go I know, but so far I'm not holding my breath...they couldn't have saved all the great singers for the last round after all right??

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