January 16, 2008


I'm learning that sometimes life throughs things your way...not bad things, not good things, just little curves in your road where you feel like that car and the orange cones are coming at ya...sometimes fast, sometimes unexpectedly and somehow you need to maintain in order to make it through. Seems like life lately. I laughed yesterday and told the hubby, I would love to just have one day where things would just go the way I plan...but that's truly not life. And God is teaching me that lesson. So I'm trying not to plan too much or at least not write it in stone anyway cause somehow it always gets rearranged. So here...is to being more alert, more flexible, and not sweating the small stuff.

Finally got my furniture...I love it...it's nice. However can't seem to get the dresser up the stairs...it's too big (which I was afraid would be a problem)...so now it sits in my dining room until we figure out what to do with it.

Got my hair cut...I like it too, but I think it makes me look old...don't like that.

Worked late last night getting the next Faith Sisters challenge done. Had to run and get more yellow ink in order to finish printing out my pictures...again another curve in the road. But I got it done and that is all that matters...and I'm happy about that...check out the new challenge at the link above or to the right.

I think I mentioned before about my new little friend I had in my house...the one who somehow was crawling on top of my craft desk and partaking of my favorite Dove chocolates...well, needless to say he is no longer a resident...he's gone. Kinda felt bad, but he took my chocolates! No one does that and lives (just kidding). Well if yoou are a mouse anyway you don't...anyway...sorry mousie and I hope you have no friends with ya here.

Well got again tons on my plate and need to talk to hubby as to figure out how we are going to get this blasted dresser in our happy room....could be interesting to say the least.

Have a great day and may the orange cones be minimal.

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