January 14, 2008

I have been...

I know... a very bad Blogger lately. Sorry 'bout that...been very busy trying to get my house in order after Christmas, helping boys with homework, playing with the boys with some of their new Christmas stuff...yes i've been having fun too, just honestly haven't had a lot of time for sitting in front of the computer lately. So what's going on...hmmm...

Well I've started working out...just at home, but it's a little something...about 20-30 minutes a day...been good so far. I'm hoping to lose about 25 pounds, but we'll see.

I did finish reading my Bible in a year....was proud of myself. I didn't think I was going to make it for a while. Got a little behind, but I made it...woo-hoo. Hadn't done that since I was a teenager.

My new bedroom set is coming tomorrow...yikes! That through me for a loop, but I got my whole bedroom gutted today, Kevin took our old bed to a girl that goes to our church and hopefully tomorrow we will have our Mission style Amish oak queen bed! Can't wait!

Oh...and hubby got the regular position he applied for at work...finally!! He's happy and sad about it at the same time...we're happy that he will now have every other Thursday and Saturday off. He should no longer have to work Sundays or holidays (WOOHOO!! That always stunk at Christmas time). We may actually be able to do things as a family on weekends! The drawback is that he will probably see a bit of a pay decrease, which of course concerns him, but I'm putting it in God's hands...He's always brought us through before. I trust He will again!

Well can't think of much else....gotta go...big day tomorrow, got lots going on....all I can say is I'll see ya when I see ya! Have a great week...or month depending when I get back ;-)

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