June 19, 2007

Sweetness...or maybe bittersweet

We interrupt the vacation photos for a bit of God's sweetness...

Thank you Lord for strawberries!! Nothing beats fresh picked strawberries from P.B.F. Farms...YUM!! (Picture is actually a picture of the berries I picked taken with my Macro lens...thought I'd break that out again...love that lens!) Picked 15 quarts last week and just picked another 12 quarts today (In the humid weather I might add). These berries are the best tasting berries I've picked from our berry farm in a few years. Sorry Mom...you need to come back from Virginia and get some of these berries...maybe I'll try to freeze some for ya!

I've been picking berries from this farm since I had been pretty much on my own which is why this article makes thes berries and my picking them very bittersweet at the moment. This is the last year for berries at our berry farm...they are shutting down due to it not being cost effective and the farmer is hoping to retire soon. I'm so bummed....not sure where I'll pick berries next year, but for now I'm going to enjoy what I have now. I already made 12 pints of freezer jam (which I have given several away already)...plan to make more once I get some more lids for my jars. Cut up three quarts yesterday in which Austin and Colton pretty much almost polished off themselves. I'm going to try to cut up a few of these berries (if I get to them before Austin and Colton do) and freeze them for later...I'm going to miss picking these berries, even though it's a lot of work I usually pick some for family and friends and I just like doing it. I guess in a few weeks they are going to allow people to go up to the farm and dig up plants for free....now I just need a place to put them and hope and pray that they grow!!

Well I'm really really tired so I am off to bed.

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Jada's Gigi said...

YUMM!! I love strawberries! never lived where i could pick y own but I visit my sis in SC and pick some there sometimes...love em!!