June 13, 2007

A few more pics...

Here are a few more pics from our trip....these pics highlight our first day at MGM Studios...

Catching up on these photos from our trip plus catching up on things that I really needed to catch up on (church things, house things, cleaning out the house in hopes of having a garage sale soon).

Colton started Safety City on Monday....wow...I think I'm having a little bit of a hard time with these guys growing up so fast...I left Colton at Safety City Monday and he says, "Mommy you can't leave me". Luckily my nephew is a volunteer so he's with someone he knows and he's been doing great! He learned about gun safety, and fire safety (I listened to Stop Drop and Roll all day today). Today was supposed to be stranger danger and playground safety but a storm kicked up right when the class was starting so I don't think they ended up doing that. Can it be that my little guy is finally growing up??? I wish they'd stop that!
Tonight was so weird...Colton was at Safety City and the other two were at their cousin's VBS so it was just hubby and I...gave me time to catch up on some computer work, but the house was so quiet! I liked and didn't like that.
For those who have been asking, Brennan is doing better...hubby got him some ear candles and hope to candle his ears soon...I think that will help some. Right now I have a head cold...lots of sinus pressure...ready for itto be over...drinking lots of OJ and popping ZiCams like their tic-tacs...I can't afford to have a cold!
Well hoping I feel well enough tomorrow to go strawberry picking...want to make some freezer jam, and nothing beats local berries!
Until next time!

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