January 26, 2009

Blessings for this week

Though honestly I haven't done my blessing layout for this week for FaithSisters...I have a good excuse...I have been down with the flu and cold since Thursday night and I'm having a tough time making it completely go away...I think I start feeling better then BAM, I'm sniffling, achy and exhausted again...so if and when I get a chance to do a layout my blessing layout is going to be about

Don't realize how you can take your health for granted until you aren't healthy anymore...and not only that as many of you Mommies know that when mommy is down the house goes down with it...though hubby is being nice and taking care of me, there are just those things that only a mommy can do....so I'm doing what I can and letting some things go.
Speaking of health...I did go to the doctor on Thursday cause I was concerned about a spot on the bottom of my left leg and since skin cancer runs in my family I wasn't going to take any chances. Come to find out it was nothing...just dermatofibroma...which is basically scar tissue from a hair follicle that keeps scaring over I guess...so I'm thankful and praise God for that!
So until I feel better...here is to Health and hopes that I get back to 100% soon!
Have a great week!

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