July 31, 2008

Bad blogger..bad..bad Blogger I am

No I haven't died, or been kidnapped (well...it is summertime you know...I have been KIDnapped by my boys so to speak)...just been super super busy this last month and in all honesty no intentions of letting up anytime soon. As I wrote in the last post, we did get a camper...and we used in during hubby's vacation a few weeks ago. We had lots of fun and boys loved the camper...even if we were only 10 minutes away from home. Here's a picture of the camper: We stayed three days up at the Brown Farm...my sister, her husband and her son came and spent some time camping with us too...which the boys TOTALLY enjoyed...they were so excited to see them pull in...just ask my sister ;-) Here are a few pics from our camping trip:

After our camping trip...we went from camping in the great outdoors to a 4 star hotel...talk about both ends of the spectrum! We got a free trip through our bank yet we were limited to where we could go...one of our last options was Dearborn Michigan...(we were hoping to get to go to Cincinnati...but they were already booked)...so off we went ot Dearborn...and I'll admit it...I wasn't too thrilled about going to Dearborn...just because I was afraid the boys would get bored and have nothing to do. Overall the trip to Dearborn went relatively well....we of course visited The Henry Ford Museum...which the boys enjoyed...and we actually closed the place down...in fact the boys (and Kevin) got so caught up in doing a project that they actually had to tell us they were closed and it was time to leave. The next day we went to Greenfield Village (which is right next to The Henry Ford Museum)...though Kevin and I liked it, towards the end the boys were getting bored...though they enjoyed the schoolhouse and the teacher who taught there as if in the old days...I think they appreciated their teachers a bit more now. ;-) It was cute. If you do go to Dearborn...head to Buddy's Pizza....best pizza I've ever had...in fact on our 4 day trip we went twice including for a late "brunch" before we left Dearborn...very very Yummy! Then there is the BD's Mongolian Grill....I ate WAY too much and boy was it ever so good. You got to make what you wanted and they fixed it for you right there on their grill...super tasty! Oh...then polish it off by just going down the block a piece and head to Coldstone Creamery...I'd never been to a Coldstone before...though it was a bit pricey, it really was very good...you got to pick out your ice cream and then add whatever you wanted to it...I got the Chocolate Cake Batter with Ghiradelli Chocolate Chips...yum! Austin got Green Apple Ice Cream with Gummy Bears...hey as long as he ate it...and he did...to each their own. Our hotel was really nice...though I have to admit I looked like a dork trying to find the button to activate the elevator and the boys and I couldn't find any button anywhere on the elevators (there were 6)...until we saw this pedestal in the middle of the room that housed "the button"...I know there were people who must have thought we were a bunch of hicks...oh well...we thought it was funny. Overall it was a good trip after all. Here are some pics:

Of course coming back I have been hopping it seems non-stop...a mom never gets a vacation, especially after the vacation! Now I'm trying to get things caught up after being away for 2 weeks, Brennan started summer school, we had a small flood in our basement and had to rearrange some things, all of us went to a baseball game with the church...that was fun...dime a dog night...Brennan ate 4 1/2 hot dogs! I've got VBS on the horizon (I'm in charge of crafts again this year), and Colton's birthday coming up and school (yes I said the dreaded word) starts in about 3 weeks...yikes where did the time go?? And my boys just seemed to really sprout this summer. Kind of ready for them to go back, but really not...kind of looking forward to getting back to a routine, yet not looking forward to homework time and all that stuff. I really do like having my boys home. I like knowing where they are and that they're safe.

Well I think I've rambled on enough...I apologize for being away so long...but life called and I was living it...hopefully I'll be a better blogger once school starts again. Hopefully you are having a great summer as well...God bless ya!

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